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        How do I determine which ICO platform to become a member? The main factors that you have to take into consideration when choosing an ICO platform to sign up are: ICO Review could be the older ICO platform and is one of the most recognized. It’s additionally among the greatest known, as it’s widely considered to be the best credible of all the platforms. It’s been regarded as one of the top 3 ICO platforms by major figures as ICOBench, and is in addition mentioned on Cryptowatch and has people area on CryptoCompare.

        A minimum deposit of 100,000 CNY or maybe 1 BTC is required for listing on Binance. The project team’s ability to satisfy the listing requirements. As per Binance’s requirements, The staff will need to demonstrate their ability to meet the listing requirements. We ask that every candidate provide information , including links to internet sources. What if the ICO platform is already mentioned with a scam ICO? There’s zero damage in listing a scam ICO on an ICO platform.

        If you become listed on an ICO platform, it will just allow it to be very likely that people visit the site of yours as well as find out about your task. It is crucial to remember that a platform doesn’t give permission to list a scam ICO, and if the platform notices any problems with your whitepaper, they are going to ask you to remove the info. KuCoin Listing Requirements. According to their internet site, KuCoin’s listing criteria includes: Technical feasibility as well as development improvement on the venture.

        Community help. Strong development team. A project with a powerful development team has a greater possibility of success. Binance Listing Requirements. According to the site of theirs, Binance’s listing criteria includes: Technical feasibility and development progress around the project. A high-quality whitepaper, well defined targets and staff and previous project experience is vitally important to us. As soon as you’re finished taking a look at your market data, you are going to want to click on the Trades tab.

        This will likely show you the trades which were made within your current market. You will want to go down until you uncover your own industry. If you cannot notice the trade of yours, then you likely haven’t listed your tokens yet. You are able to simply try to list them all over again. This doesn’t take place very often, but when it lets you do, the rating is a vote against your project. What if I do not have adequate stake to rate the project? There are actually 2 main reasons why you probably won’t have enough stake to rate the project: You probably won’t be the master of the listing.

        In this specific case, you are able to talk to the listing owner to boost the number of stakes. You can find their address at the bottom part of their listing. Listing an ICO on a cryptocurrency exchange brings a lot of benefits to the task, including enhanced liquidity, a chance to access a bigger investor base, market visibility, and also increased token utility.